Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cornishware re-issued!

I have long been a fan of Cornishware - I love my stripes - so I was very excited to learn that it has recently been re-issued by T.G. Green & Co! It seemed like picking up a few pieces was going to be easier said than done since there don't appear to be any U.S. based retailers, however thanks to some friends and family in Australia I will hopefully be receiving a peice or two for Christmas - yay - from Australian retailer Remo.

Below are a few shots of items on my wishlist: I'd love a set of three dreadnought jugs in the different sizes, a couple of pasta bowls plus the cappuccino cups and saucers - I plan to hang four of the cups in a row above my sink!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hacienda Headboard from Casamidy

That last post reminded me of an item that I've had on my "wish list" for several years now, determined to have one at some point! The item I'm talking about is from Casamidy, who make a range of seriously gorgeous items including lanterns, mirrors, side tables, and more, a few of their items below.

But in my mind the most fabulous item they make is the Hacienda Headboard. I first spotted the headboard in a magazine that I was flipping through at a doctor's office. I then spent a year or so trying to track down the manufacturer.

The King size headboard is $2,200.00 plus $300.00 to ship. Pricey but absolutely divine. WANT!

Direct From Mexico

I just spent a few minutes checking out some items on Direct From Mexico:

I love this Verdi Gris Copper Wall Sconce, on sale for $59:

These Natural Punched Tin & Glass Wall Stars are gorgeous, $79, as are the Natural Tin Star Light Fixtures that come in small ($57.23) large ($85.84) and extra large ($140). I'd love to hang a cluster of different sizes at different heights above a table or chairs, either indoors or outdoors:

I love these colorful tin ornaments, I have two lanterns that are similar, and each year I think about doing a christmas tree with tin ornaments like this, but I'd also love to find a way to use these en masse year round. $44.90 per dozen:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rose Bowl Trip October '09

I found these gorgeous "tassel" side tables on a recent trip to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Gold with mirrored tops. I'm sad to say I didn't buy them. Oh well.

I did meet a seriously cute dog. How amazing is he?! Love his little fleece hoodie and also how he scampered over all that jewelry for a pat!!

I did also buy a couple of cheap scarves and gorgeous bracelet for $10 that I'm told is a form of french bakelite but I'm not sure that's really true (not exactly an expert) but I love it and I'm getting tons of wear out of it!

HD Buttercup

I love me some HD Buttercup. Some photos from a recent trip:

I love Ethiopian Crosses, especially those on these tall stands (7-ish feet) which I've only seen at HD Buttercup, the small are $245, the large a bit more, WANT!

I love this elephant, I've seen horses like it but I think the elephant is the winner... if it didn't cost $2,300!

How fab is this paisley couch? Up close I don't love the fabric, but it's kind of amazing from a short distance. $1,295, which I think is a pretty good deal for a couch. The hubby hates paisley so it's a definite "no" but the cross and the elephant? Possibilities for down the track!

Material Environment

This week I was driving down Beverly Blvd in LA with my sister when I got a glimpse of a store window that was impossible to drive past without inspecting further. The store is Material Environment, and it's run by Ramon, who is just lovely. Below are some of the items from his store that I think are just divine. Enjoy!

I think this fire screen would look amazing in the 1920's Spanish style home we're hoping to buy in the near future!

These lamps are insane! Roman will wire them for whatever height you need, so you can have whatever shade you need. Very smart. Love them!

Love the curves of this stool with velvet pillow - I'm a sucker for anything covered in velvet:

This pair of cast lions I believe are from a mansion in Bel Air, WANT!

I love these giant candlesticks, stunning!

Roman had these chairs finished in piano white, such a brilliant idea!

Terrible photo I know but in the window is a giant gold suit of armour that I believe is plastic. Roman though it would be fabulous by a pool in a backyard, so you could just toss your towel on his arm pre-dip in the pool and I couldn't agree more! By the feet of the suit of amour are vintage liquor bottles, love them too!

The Potlatch

That last post reminded me of an amazing store in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe that a friend took me to in May: The Potlatch. They have been buying from reservations from years, which I understand (I know nothing about these things but am hoping to learn) is a fairly rare thing. They have stunning Native American artwork, including this piece which I am determined to buy at some point. He's $600:

They also had an amazing buffalo head, I'm not usually drawn to such things, they feel a little cruel for me, but this was amazing, and also apparently quite rare. $3,600 from memory but don't quote me on that!

The Blue Lion

I visited the a cute little antique store in San Luis Obispo the other day: SLO Antique Treasures on Monterey Street. Below are some of my finds.

Some of the native american pieces (no idea what these are called but I love them) being packed up for auction:

This guy was my favorite, priced at $600 but the stall owner eventually said I could have him for $399, tempting!!

I thought this screen was quite special, especially with a coat of vibrant paint (maybe emerald green, or turquoise, red, hot pink?!) but sadly it was not for sale. Mental note: have one like it made some day:

Love this elephant:

How amazing is this phone? I think it was around $70:

This blue lion, from Spain, we did purchase for around $25 and I think he looks great in our living room with our fall pumpkins!

Ms. Purchase Worthy

I am constantly shopping. Online and in person. From clothes to couches, I love it all. I don't even necessarily even have to buy anything to enjoy it (though that always helps!), I just love to look. My previous blog was supposed to be about my wedding, but I found that I often strayed to just blogging about things I wanted to buy. So I figured that now that the wedding is over, I'd just start a new blog of all the things I come across that I find "purchase worthy", either for me, or someone else. Sounds like an elderly English lady doesn't it? Ms. Purchase Worthy? Love it!