Thursday, June 24, 2010

Buddha heads, horse heads & doors

Just stumbled across these concrete buddha heads online, and I am ALL about them!  $195 each, 20" high, so fabulous!

Speaking of buddha heads, I recently had a bit of a wander through a strip of architectural salvage and antique stores in an industrial part of North Hollywood resulting in some great finds!

I thought this large buddha head was quite fabulous.  It would make a great fountain at the end of a pool - and I know just the pool!  It has a sold sign on it that looks like it's been hanging there for about 7 years:

My husband is looking to get a collection of horse heads going, could this be a good start to the collection?

The store next door also had horse heads, this time forming a table, which I found borderline disturbing.  Those teeth!

They also had a pair of rather fabulous mustard yellow velvet wing backs:

My favorite stop was Scavenger's Paradise, located in a gorgeous old Spanish Colonial style chapel.  Such a treasure trove!

I'm sure I could figure out a great use for this:

Great shape to these wooden chairs, but a little rickety:

These doors are so fabulous, I badly want an excuse to use them!

Funnily enough this past weekend we drove past a house in the hills that had nearly the exact same doors.  I couldn't resist taking a quick sneaky pic!  

Extremely similar, no?  

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Want: Barcelona Chair, Stools & Couch

I've been coveting the Barcelona chair, stool and couch for as long as I can remember.  Who hasn't?  

Photo courtesy of Art Gray and Paul Davis Architects.

Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, they werto serve as seating for the king and queen of Spain at the International Exhibition in Barcelona.  

Produced by Knoll and available through Design Within Reach, they are insanely expensive but classic, iconic and divine!  

Being that I have an unnatural hatred of brown, I thought that black or white were my only options.  Until I saw the navy Barcelona ottoman's in Elle Decor, January/ February 2008. Love!

Until today I actually thought they were navy leather (which is a custom option through Design Within Reach), but it turns out they're actually upholstered in Camelot Wool by Donghia.

I think I still want mine in navy leather!

Loving: Quadrille

I'm loving Quadrille Fabrics right now.  I've spent a little too much time browsing their website over the past few days!

The Kazak print, featured in this month's House Beautiful, is absolutely gorgeous:


Kazak as tablecloth by Eddie Ross of Top Design:

From the Alan Campbell collection, Potalla and Potalla background (the green on the walls):

Zig Zag and Petite Zig Zag:


Deauville (on chairs):  

Cintra, probably my very favorite!  Dying to get even just a cushion made in these two colors!

Meloire reverse:

Double Cross, from the China Seas collection:

Lyford Background & Lyford Pagoda Petite:


Turtle Batik & Malay Batik:


Lim Bamboo II:

Birds II:


Conga Line:

Cirebon Reverse:


Nitik ii:



Macao II:

Tropicana II:


Pasha Paisley:

Island Ikat:


From the Home Couture collection, Taj: