Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Bar Cart: All Fixed Up

I finally finished fixing up our little bar cart and I'm really happy with the result!

I found it at a Pasadena estate sale for $35.  It looked like someone had tried to strip it at some point, there were a few water stains, and a few spiders and spider webs, but apart from that it was in really good condition.  Relatively sturdy, wheels in good shape, and did I mention it was $35?!


So after multiple discussions with my landlord (my go to guy for things of this nature) about the best way to fix it up without totally loosing it's rustic charm or spending a bundle, I ended up sanding back just the top and the bottom tray (time consuming, especially around the edges, but quite satisfying), applying two coats of stain (Minwax's water-based wood stain in Vermont Maple), then a few coats of lemon oil and I was done!  Not all that difficult and so satisfying!


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