Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Dallas Antique Shopping

Some snaps from the other great Antique stores we explored (mostly in the Dallas design district) including LostFound, and Griffin Trading CompanyLula B's, and On Consignment.

This is kind of amazing, would be great in Andy's office:

I really love this painting, described as "Gerard Stemkowski Tromp Loeill Painting in Western Style".

I've wanted a petrified wood stump like these guys for a while now.  They're just so expensive! One day...

Arthur Court horse head, cool but I think I prefer our Rhino:

I keep thinking about this painting, love it:

Very tempted by this crown, except it was $3,600!

We did buy these bookends for I think around $125 minus a discount?

Griffin Trading company is such a fun store, and a very LA store, the owner is such a nice guy too, we had a great chat:

Unfortunately not for sale, they came from a restaurant that was closed down, maybe a red lobster??

Also not for sale, but how amazing is it?

I did buy this green and gold guy from Lula B's.  On the bottom "From Mom, 1954".

Wish I took a closer look at this guy, he intrigues me:

I really liked this lamp, reasonably priced but impossible to get home:

I was really tempted by this guy, but ultimately passed:

I did buy this sweet little wire African basket for $18:

I was initially drawn to this little Blenko ice bucket, and was trying to decide if I could bring it home in my luggage without it smashing, when I noticed what was behind it:

I negotiated her down to $85, and just couldn't resist.  I thought my husband would hate her but he loves her as much as I do, maybe more!  I love the black velvet and gold frame too:

Great poppy flower sconce, not sure if they had a pair, and how it would work alone, but kind of fab:

I really dug this painting from afar, not quite as much up close:

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  1. Thank you for the mention in your blog. Be sure to stop in and see us again when you're in Dallas.