Friday, June 18, 2010

White Elephant in Dallas

White Elephant (1026 Industrial Blvd.) was my second favorite stop in Dallas, and a real treat to explore.  Some of our finds below.

Croc on a log anyone?

Kind of wish I bought this, having a flamingo moment lately:

Wonderful pair of headboards, reasonable too:

Amazing deer mirror, the husband did not like however I was fairly entranced:

I have a bit of a thing for red asian hanging shelves lately:

Spanish chest in bright blue, so tempting!

Crown lamp, so fabulous, quite reasonable, extremely tempting!  Pity they don't ship!


I was really drawn to this antique wooden post, too big for the trip home unfortunately:

Is this the saddest dog in the world?

Pewter Presidents:

Punched tin fish?


Great pair of griffin's:

Cool sink:

We spotted quite a few of these in many of the antique stores in Dallas, not sure why they were so prevalent?

I couldn't quite accept that this guy was dead.  So lifelike, so happy looking:

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