Thursday, June 24, 2010

Buddha heads, horse heads & doors

Just stumbled across these concrete buddha heads online, and I am ALL about them!  $195 each, 20" high, so fabulous!

Speaking of buddha heads, I recently had a bit of a wander through a strip of architectural salvage and antique stores in an industrial part of North Hollywood resulting in some great finds!

I thought this large buddha head was quite fabulous.  It would make a great fountain at the end of a pool - and I know just the pool!  It has a sold sign on it that looks like it's been hanging there for about 7 years:

My husband is looking to get a collection of horse heads going, could this be a good start to the collection?

The store next door also had horse heads, this time forming a table, which I found borderline disturbing.  Those teeth!

They also had a pair of rather fabulous mustard yellow velvet wing backs:

My favorite stop was Scavenger's Paradise, located in a gorgeous old Spanish Colonial style chapel.  Such a treasure trove!

I'm sure I could figure out a great use for this:

Great shape to these wooden chairs, but a little rickety:

These doors are so fabulous, I badly want an excuse to use them!

Funnily enough this past weekend we drove past a house in the hills that had nearly the exact same doors.  I couldn't resist taking a quick sneaky pic!  

Extremely similar, no?  

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