Monday, June 14, 2010

Hunting: A Peacock Chair

I've been trying to hunt down a peacock chair for a few months now.  I missed one on Craigslist back in January and I still regret it.  I've been periodically combing Craigslist, Etsy and Ebay every since.

A few snaps of some seriously covetable peacock chairs:


  1. i'm in LOVE with the peacock chair! You have to find one!!

  2. I have the peacock chair featured in the first pic, also has the original cushion. Are you still looking?

    1. As I said mine is the same as in your first pic, except that mine has no broken canes, and has the original cusion. From the info that I have found on the internet, ones in good condition and that are the woven plaited raffia decoration are selling for around $350.00 to $465.00. What info have you found? I can send a pic if you are seriously interested.