Monday, April 26, 2010

Striped Rugs

I am a tad obsessed with striped rugs.  Though I am generally very into stripes, I think that my striped rug obsession started with this photo of Ione Skye's bedroom in the September 2005 issue of Domino magazine.  So fresh looking, love it!

A few other examples of striped rug usage that I find drool-worthy:

I'm also very partial to a good chevron rug:

I'm hoping to be able to purchase a striped rug in the near future, maybe a black and white stripe for our sun room, a chevron for the office, and a bright blue and white for under our bed?  A girl can dream!  In addition to the gorgeous striped dhurrie that I posted about a few days ago from Summerland Oriental Rugs that is seriously tempting, Madeline Weinrib has some truly divine options:

The cheaper route is of course Ikea, with their Sveje, Stockholm, and Jorun rugs which range from $12.99 to $299: 

West Elm's Zig Zag rug:

Wisteria also have a great apple green option:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exploring Summerland Part 2

More finds from gorgeous Summerland...

Great rooster painting and outdoor items at Mediterranee Antiques:

Really digging this rattan table from Mary Suding Antiques, kind of wish I enquired about it's price: 

Blurry photo I know but this ginger jar was quite fabulous:

Amazing chair set, on sale!

Amazing cotton dhurrie from Summerland Oriental Rugs.  I've wanted one just like this for the longest time now for our bedroom.  Shaw is the man to see for rugs, he has such amazing collection, mostly antique.

Lanterns and other gorgeously styled things at Botanik:

Lamps and things at Lifestyle Antiques, a bit stitched up for me but I do love a good lamp!

Bunnies at Just Folk:

Some of the pretty hillside above the main street:

Exploring Summerland Part 1

A couple of weekends ago I finally got a chance to explore Summerland and I think I'm in love! Such a pretty town, right above the 101 freeway (which is heard but mostly hidden by a lovely hedge of green vine with orange flowers) and it seems like every house has a view of the glittering water, so peaceful and picturesque.  I even popped into a local market and found lots of organic produce and products.  Plus, of course, some fabulous antique stores, including the Summerland Antique Collective and Rue De Lillie!

Pair 19th Century French Elk Sconces with mirrors & crystal:

Oil on Board by Faye Hammons, apparently a Californian who painted in the 40's:

Sicilian Wedding Cart circa 1920:

The dealer told me that these were carved by Sicilian men for their brides, and the more detail, the more you loved your wife.  This guy must have really loved his wife!  Stunning, and $8,500!!

Gorgeous Moroccan lantern, a different shade of glass one each side:

Pair of Mirrored Sconces, so gorgeous! 

I bought this fabulous gold cuff, plastic stones, but so fun!  I'm trying to convince myself to put it aside for a certain someone as a Christmas gift, (yes, I am starting my Christmas shopping this early!) but it's so tempting to keep it!

I also bought an amazing bracelet labeled "unknown white metal and crystal" (bottom center) that I wear almost every day, plus a stunning pair of chunky (but hollow) sterling silver hoop earrings (on the left):

Amazing cow head, life size, made of fiberglass crackled in the black areas so it had a kind of mosaic effect, love it!

Stunning carved deer head, circa 1900 purchased by the dealer in France.  Gorgeous, but $7,995 each!