Friday, April 9, 2010

More Pasadena Antique Center Fun

I popped in to the Pasadena Antique Center again the other day as I was in the area and I wanted the dimensions of a certain black and gold dresser that I am still seriously coveting despite not having anywhere to put it.  I didn't have much time to look around, but I did snap a few photos of interesting items along the way:

Great bronze giraffe:

Pair of chrome lamps, reasonably priced, would look amazing with black shades:

These guys looked familiar, as did a few other items in my favorite stall in the Annex.  Turns out it is (of course) the same dealer who's stalls I love at Wertz!

I loved this wooden statue, particularly with that Indian tapestry behind it:

Roosters... so hot right now:

Ah, the dresser.  If only I had room!  It would make an amazing credenza for under our television, and we do need one, but it would mean modifying it, and it's in such great condition I think it would be a shame.

These guys again, still love them:

I wish I knew somebody who could use this amazing set of a sofa and two arm chairs in soft pink velvet and zebra print, amazing!

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