Monday, April 26, 2010

Striped Rugs

I am a tad obsessed with striped rugs.  Though I am generally very into stripes, I think that my striped rug obsession started with this photo of Ione Skye's bedroom in the September 2005 issue of Domino magazine.  So fresh looking, love it!

A few other examples of striped rug usage that I find drool-worthy:

I'm also very partial to a good chevron rug:

I'm hoping to be able to purchase a striped rug in the near future, maybe a black and white stripe for our sun room, a chevron for the office, and a bright blue and white for under our bed?  A girl can dream!  In addition to the gorgeous striped dhurrie that I posted about a few days ago from Summerland Oriental Rugs that is seriously tempting, Madeline Weinrib has some truly divine options:

The cheaper route is of course Ikea, with their Sveje, Stockholm, and Jorun rugs which range from $12.99 to $299: 

West Elm's Zig Zag rug:

Wisteria also have a great apple green option:

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  1. These are my favorite dhurries. Especially the chevron designs. I found a good source at Indian Dhurries by The Maharaja Tent Company ( Which seems to have both ready made and custom dhurries. I had a Chevron Zig Zag made in a faded red and white.