Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exploring Summerland Part 2

More finds from gorgeous Summerland...

Great rooster painting and outdoor items at Mediterranee Antiques:

Really digging this rattan table from Mary Suding Antiques, kind of wish I enquired about it's price: 

Blurry photo I know but this ginger jar was quite fabulous:

Amazing chair set, on sale!

Amazing cotton dhurrie from Summerland Oriental Rugs.  I've wanted one just like this for the longest time now for our bedroom.  Shaw is the man to see for rugs, he has such amazing collection, mostly antique.

Lanterns and other gorgeously styled things at Botanik:

Lamps and things at Lifestyle Antiques, a bit stitched up for me but I do love a good lamp!

Bunnies at Just Folk:

Some of the pretty hillside above the main street:

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