Sunday, February 28, 2010

Owl Cookie Jar

I've been coveting this Wise Ol' Cookie Jar ($98) from Anthropolgie for a little while now. So cute!

I was just browsing on Etsy and spotted this Vintage Green Owl Cookie Jar ($79) that is strikingly similar!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Butterflies: Bug Under Glass

Yes it's yet another Etsy related post, this time about Bug Under Glass.

Growing up I was in love with a blue framed butterfly my parents had hanging on a wall in our home, and I vowed to convince them to give it to me one day. Unfortunately sun exposure through the window "bleached" the butterfly and he's no longer as beautiful as he once was.

Funnily enough just this week I had been browsing online at Deyrolle's website, looking for framed butterflies while figuring I couldn't afford them, when I stumbled across a post on one of my favorite blogs (and one of the first blogs I started reading) Decor8. The post mentioned Bug Under Glass and their gorgeous collection of framed butterflies and bugs. Not only affordable but all sourced ethically from WWF approved sources. Joy!

Blue Morpho Butterfly $39.99:

Madagascan Sunset Moths $32 & $35:

The Blue Mountain Butterfly, $46:

Heart shaped African butterfly - one of the only all red butterflies in the world, $32:

Purple Mountain butterfly (graphium weiskei) from mountainous areas of Papua New Guinea, $39.99:

Yellow Brimstone Butterfly, $32:

Sea Green Swallowtail framed butterfly $39:

Yellow Migrant Framed Butterfly, $28:

Charles Darwin Callithea from South America, $30:

Tiger Swallowtail, $29.99:

The Peacock Swallowtail Butterflies (Papilio blumei), found only on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, $35 & $40:

Urania Swallowtail Moth, native to Central and South America, $32:

Great Orange Tip Framed Butterfly $30:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lamps on Etsy

I love lamps! Can't get enough of them! Here are a few awesome lamps currently available on Etsy.

Vintage Yellow Hollywood Regency Ginger Jar Lamps set $200 from The Vintage Supply Co:

Pair of Vintage Ginger Jar Lamps $32 from The Relic Trail:

Vintage Pink Glass Lamp Pair $38 from Bellalulu:

Vintage Pair of Turquoise Lamps (sold) from the Sunday Times Market:

Vintage Mid Century Chrome Balls Lamp $150 from Modern to Retro:

Vintage Lucite Grapes Table Lamp $60 from By Gone Years:

The grape lamp is particularly tempting! There are a few others just like it on Etsy that are perhaps not quite as nice but much cheaper (around $22). I might have to go there!

My aunt is a set dresser with amazing taste who has long had a divine glass fruit lamp sconce that she used as a table lamp and I've always wanted one just like it! Here is one that's similar, it's described as a Vintage Czech Glass Fruit Lamp Shade Light and is $150 right now on Ebay:

While I'm at it, this Kiwi Green Glass Apothecary Bottle $16 from Haus Proud has been calling me, I might have to get it!

It's similar to the pair of turquoise opaline Portieux Vallerysthal barber bottles circa 1930 that I've previously posted about and that I happen to know I am getting for my birthday in a just a few weeks!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

High Street Market & Etsy

A post on style court about this lovely vintage chinoiserie tin led me to High Street Market on Etsy.

Here are a few other items from High Street Market that are seriously tempting!

Large vintage brass lobster $36:

Vintage Gorham silver plated bowl $32:

Large vintage cast iron ship doorstop $42:

Vintage brass alligator $28:

Vintage set of 8 Vera green napkin rings $42:

Vintage Indian brass horse, cloisonne $36:

Vintage pair of brass candlesticks $28:

Tiny vintage Paul Revere silver plated footed bowl, WMA Rogers $16:

Long brass horse head shoe horn $38:

Vintage brass pig paperweight $26:

Here are a few other items on Etsy that caught my eye from Katie Armour.

Vintage Brass Seal Figurine $22:

Vintage Lucite Fishing Fly Paperweight $18:

Vintage Brass Knight Letter Opener $18:

A few more cute items from Dandelion Girl.

Vintage Psychedelic Mug $10.65:

Vintage Brass Bull Head Towel Holder Ring $48:

Lastly these from Mechanical Stag.

Extra large brass fly $28:

Vintage golden deer antlers, with wall mounted plaque $58:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Masks from Mexico

We're back from an amazing trip to Cancun. We stayed in the "hotel zone" which was much more Americanized than I expected, but the color of the water was insane, and it was very relaxing.

Last time we were in Mexico, about two years ago, we stayed on the island of Isla Mujeres. We spotted a store full of amazing masks, and kept trying to visit but it was closed each time we went. I've thought about the masks that I spotted through the window ever since. So I was super excited when we day tripped to the island and found the store - (Galeria Aztlan, Av. Hidalgo #58, Local 1, Hotel Los Arcos, 998 8770419, - and this time it was open!

We bought three masks, pictured below. We were told by the lovely lady (who's mother also sells masks out of a store in Mexico City) that they're all Aztec from Acapulco and quite old, and that the tiger is worn during a dance in April, and the devil for a dance vs. the angels in December.

We also loved these tiger masks - they're what I first spotted 2 years ago. We ultimately decided against them as they seemed very fragile and we weren't sure we could get them back in one piece (we were told it would be too expensive to ship, so we were hand carrying them home) plus they are a little freaky!

I just spotted these tiger masks on Ebay which are similar, and a fraction of the cost, but probably not as old and well made. They are described as follows: "Set of 2 Tiger Masks of the Tlacololeros Dance from Guerrero, Mexico (The Land of the Jaguar). Wood with real wild boar hair and teeth".