Friday, February 19, 2010

High Street Market & Etsy

A post on style court about this lovely vintage chinoiserie tin led me to High Street Market on Etsy.

Here are a few other items from High Street Market that are seriously tempting!

Large vintage brass lobster $36:

Vintage Gorham silver plated bowl $32:

Large vintage cast iron ship doorstop $42:

Vintage brass alligator $28:

Vintage set of 8 Vera green napkin rings $42:

Vintage Indian brass horse, cloisonne $36:

Vintage pair of brass candlesticks $28:

Tiny vintage Paul Revere silver plated footed bowl, WMA Rogers $16:

Long brass horse head shoe horn $38:

Vintage brass pig paperweight $26:

Here are a few other items on Etsy that caught my eye from Katie Armour.

Vintage Brass Seal Figurine $22:

Vintage Lucite Fishing Fly Paperweight $18:

Vintage Brass Knight Letter Opener $18:

A few more cute items from Dandelion Girl.

Vintage Psychedelic Mug $10.65:

Vintage Brass Bull Head Towel Holder Ring $48:

Lastly these from Mechanical Stag.

Extra large brass fly $28:

Vintage golden deer antlers, with wall mounted plaque $58:

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