Saturday, February 6, 2010

Found: Iron Costello Table

A couple of years ago I spotted a pair of awesome brass side tables at the Rose Bowl. They were a little steep for me at the time, so I didn't buy them, but I have thought about them from time to time. Last year I spotted the same table in nickel at Plantation LA, and of course right about the time I decided I might want to actually buy one they stop selling them!

Then a couple of days ago I was browsing in Calypso Home and I spotted another nickel one! They want $450 for it. I noted that they were calling it "Iron Costello table" so I did a quick search online, and it turns out they're all over the place and so are the prices - they range from $358 to $960!

I love them but the hubby is not as in love with them as I am. Maybe he'll come around, he does want a little side table next to our couch! The question is, nickel or gold/ brass? I'm leaning towards nickel... Modern Dose have them in a couple of other colors too.

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