Friday, February 5, 2010

George Rodrigue

A couple of years ago we visited a friend's very fabulous, very modern house in Marina del Rey and I fell in LOVE with a painting they had in their living room. It was "The Love Tree" by George Rodrigue. This is a photo of it I took with my iphone - not bad huh?

I do so love the whole Southern, New Orleans thing, and I'm so drawn to those bright colors. Now that I know more about George Rodrigue and the whole Blue Dog thing (not sure how I missed it!!), I know that their painting must be worth a FORTUNE! .

He has a gallery in Carmel, which is odd, because we've been going there for years for Thanksgiving (in fact 6 years), and I never spotted the gallery till after I discovered The Love Tree. I just emailed them enquiring if there are any prints of any of my favorites, which include the following:

Here is a photo of the artist with "The Baton Rouge Oak":

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