Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ebay Score from Indie Cult Vintage

So I know I don't usually blog about clothes but I couldn't resist a little mention of a few of my latest obsessions, courtesy of Ebay.

When I first spotted this AMAZING caftan from seller indie cult vintage, I fell deeply in love! Described as a "wine and gold metallic sheer chiffon caftan", it started off at around $40.  I decided to "watch it" and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't increase too much in price.

The auction just ended and I watched the seconds tick down to zero till it sold (not to me)... for $450.99!  

Way too rich for my blood!  I didn't even get a bid in!  Such a shame, I dream of hosting dinner parties in something like this!  So beautifully detailed you could almost hang it on a wall:

It's very similar to one I found in black a year or so back at The Way We Wore which also recently sold.  So sad.  It wasn't in my budget (around $800) but I loved to just visit it!

The same seller also had a quite fabulous "cigarette" dress for sale a few weeks ago.  I'm not a smoker, never have been, not a fan of it on any level, but this dress is undeniably kind of incredible.  It sold last week for $152.50.

I had more success with the below item, again from indie cult vintage.  It was described as a "vintage 80s ethnic abstract kimono cocoon draped jacket" and I'm very pleased to have just won it at the very last second - literally with 47 seconds left on the clock!

Thankfully it was MUCH cheaper than the caftan!

Not to go on a caftan tangent but I am all about caftans!  Caftans and kimonos!  I look forward to being a crazy cat (& dog) lady who exclusively wears caftans and kimonos!  

A past obsession, this amazing Oscar de le Renta caftan from a year or so ago: love!

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  1. Hiii
    I nw youve posted this for a reallyy long time but ive just discovered your blog and i bumped into this post,about the caftan you can find something exactly similar to it in the middleeast like bahrain or dubai and they cost 60 dollars and over in different colors. The prices change because it depends on gold threading they use etc.