Saturday, May 29, 2010

Recent Estate Sale & Other Finds

I've picked up a few interesting things at estate sales, thrift stores and other places recently. I'm running out of places to put them!  I really have to stop purchasing things, or maybe start selling them on?  How great would it be to turn sourcing eclectic vintage and antique accessories into an actual job!?

Sweet little cart, purchased at a Brentwood Estate Sale for $35.  I'm told it was sitting in the corner of the owner's dining room for around 50 years:

Some water damage, and maybe an attempt to strip it at some point, but otherwise great condition, quite sturdy.  I'm going to attempt to sand and stain it myself.  Not sure how that will pan out given I have no idea what I'm doing but hey, worth a shot!  I love how rustic it is, and I want to keep some of that, but it does need a little love, particularly on the top:

I resisted purchasing this sweet little armchair on wheels.  I thought it was cheap at $100 especially considering the excellent condition.  How awesome would it be re-upholstered in a fresh blue or grey and white stripe?  I saw an amazing seersucker upholstery fabric the other day that would be incredible!  

However I think the husband would kill me if I brought home another piece of furniture that we don't have room for.  I might be compelled to check in with them towards the end of the sale today to see if it's still there and if they'd be willing to drop the price.  I really shouldn't, but what if it could be had for $50 or $60?!  That's hard to resist!!

I couldn't resist these geode book ends at an estate sale in Pasadena.  I've always loved them, but have never seen them any cheaper than $80, and usually a lot more, these were a small fraction of that, so I nabbed them.

Italian owl from the same estate sale, Italian, probably from the 60's, love!

I thought this necklace was kinda cool, same estate sale, apparently from Greece:

I first spotted one of these silver plated F.B. Rogers peanut dishes back in March at Wertz for $45.  I later found this one at a thrift store for a quarter of that price and couldn't resist!  

I love that it's gold inside.

I found this small mask at a rather terrible estate sale in Tarzana.  It was a long drive and I think I just wanted to buy something to make it worthwhile, so I negotiated it down to $10.  It is kind of cool, and I'm sure I'll find the perfect place for it, but I have to admit it's not my favorite purchase.  It's the beard that lets it down, needs a bit of a trim too.

I thought this little jug marked TOS Japan was adorable.  Apparently there was a larger matching piece that was broken.  The raised pattern is so gorgeous and tactile, and such a pretty color!

My latest Etsy purchase, a large vintage ginger jar:

I had been watching it for a while on Etsy, as I've been wanting to add some white and blue to our living room, and it was strikingly similar to a MUCH more expensive one I had spotted in Summerland a month or so back.  

Then I saw this photo on one of my favorite blogs, Absolutely Beautiful Things, and I just had to have it!

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