Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recent Random Finds

Some of my random finds from thrift and antique stores that I've visited over the past few weeks - I could furnish a small house with these finds!

This pair of sconces were very reasonably priced and seriously tempting!  They'd be great for an outdoor patio, maybe on on an exposed brick wall:

I'm definitely 100% against wearing fur but this vintage coat was kind of amazing, very Kate Moss, also kind of expensive at $650!


This guy from Italy is insane!  I love his facial expression.  Unfortunately he's rather steep at $255 or I would have bought him on the spot!

This couch is 9 feet long, love it!

Giant plastic rhino head anyone?  This would be incredible in a garden surrounded by succulents and silverswords:

Huge brass lamp:

Great mahogany desk:

I'm still thinking about this set of four chairs, black cane with soft blue velvet cushions.  Not too expensive and in fairly good shape.  

Tangent:  I've been leaning towards more of a bentwood style for when I replace our current dining room chairs that I have an unnatural hatred of, but maybe I could do a mix of black bentwood and these?  Four of them doesn't really make sense though I guess, maybe just two would be better as "captains" chairs and the rest bentwood?  Example of the bentwood below:

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