Monday, May 3, 2010

My first estate sale

I attended my first Estate Sale this past weekend (and my second immediately after) and picked up some really interesting things!

The sale was for 'Will & Grace' set designer and interior designer Melinda Ritz (who I guess was just downsizing and is not deceased, which is good to hear!).

I got there super early and was the second person in.  From photos posted a few days before the sale I was focused on one item in particular: a large silver rhino cooler. 

It's Arthur Court, 1991.  Not cheap, but I did get a discount, and it is amazing!  

Apparently Melinda used it at her wedding filled with ice, beer and I believe, shrimp.  Love it!

I also picked up some pretty handblown vases for $8 each:

This beautiful cushion that looks like an ikat type print, but is actually embroidered, and super comfortable, for $42:

I had a look at her website and I love her residential interior design work, particularly her work from this Beverly Hills house:

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