Saturday, May 8, 2010

Headboard Project

I just bought this headboard for a mind blowingly cheap $40!  Okay maybe not mind blowing, but very exciting!

I'm in the midst of painting it "popsicle pink" (with Benjamin Moore's no-VOC Natura, of course), which I think will look great with the navy velvet curtains and porcelain blue striped sheets in our bedroom.

Those center details have NOT been easy to paint, but it was extremely satisfying to put the first coat of pink on today!

The color looks a bit wrong in the photos so here's a swatch:

I've wanted to try a navy and pink combination for a while (though I do already have a small touch our living room) and seeing Mary McDonald's guest house done up in navy and pink sealed the deal!

Now I've just got to apply another coat, and figure out how to attach the darn thing to the wall, or I guess bed frame!


  1. Love it. That's just what a want for Mission Beach, but Queen size. Just can't find one here! Look forward to seeing it in situ. xxx

  2. Thanks! I'm a bit worried that it's too pale, but overall happy with it, and turns out it is a queen!