Monday, May 3, 2010

LA Modernism Show

This weekend I attended the LA Modernism show, and like the LA Antique Show the weekend before, it was great!  There was a LOT more jewelry than I expected, which was both a treat and torture - so many beautiful things, and no money to spend - but it was still fun!

Here are three things that are still stuck in my mind, and I was seriously tempted to buy!

Stunning hot pink and silver vintage kimono with embroidered cranes from Torso Vintages in San Francisco.  Stunning!  Apparently someone spotted this and ran right home to measure her wall to make sure it would fit before she bought it.  Lucky girl!

I fell in love with this amazing painting from Sam Kaufman gallery, $800.  Apparently the artist paints over "found" artwork, and ads a simple frame.  I just love it!  Unfortunately the husband does not.  His clown phobia makes this a big no!

Last but not least, this AMAZING light, called the "Eagle's Nest" from Original Sin in Martinez near San Francisco.  It's even on a dimmer switch!  $1,200.

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