Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wertz Addiction

Wertz is without a doubt my favorite place to shop in LA.  I'm a bit obsessed.  Even when I mean to stop in for a quick look, I end up staying for hours and hours.  This year I'm determined to try and do all of our Christmas shopping at Wertz, or at least 70%!  

Here's are a few photos from my most recent visit, which did result in a couple of purchases!

View of one my three favorite stalls, all operated by the same dealer.  I'd love to meet this guy!  Maybe he'd let me intern for free in exchange for teaching me where he finds all these AMAZING things?!

The husband loves the wooden missile... wish I could remember the price: 

Wood carving of Don Quixote, love him but can't bring myself to pay anywhere near $250:

Gorgeous Moroccan lantern that I've been dreaming about since I spotted it a few weeks ago.  Quite expensive, but when I saw it was 50% off I couldn't resist.  The husband was not all that impressed till I stuffed it full of Christmas lights, and now he loves it as much as I do!

Eventually we'll get it wired, but for now Christmas lights or a candle will do and the colors when it's lit from within are just divine!

Oyster Shell Dish, Arthur Court, tempting... but $175:

I was keen to get another look at this guy I spotted on my last visit.  I think he would be so great as a "catch all" in an entrance way, or anywhere really.  He's officially on the wish list:

How great would this be to have in your yard pointing to your freestanding guest house?  Amazing!  Pity we don't have a guesthouse, but a girl can dream!

Oddly drawn to these German Steins...

This lantern is huge, and hugely expensive, but could really make an otherwise uninteresting room:

Amazing chandelier, it's also on the wish list, for our (imaginary) new house:

I've been thinking about this little guy since my last visit, and I do love him, but $95 is too much, even with whatever discount I might be able to get:

This could be so fabulous as a contrast to a modern dining table:

I couldn't resist this little glass lemon wedge from Austria, no idea why, but so sweet, and cheap!

Reminds me of someone I know...

I'm still lusting after these New England Bobbers, particularly as the husband is from New England.  They'd be sweet hanging in an all white kitchen, my favorite kind!

The husband is not into the Bobbers, but he is into these lamps, which are definitely fabulous:

Another item for the endless wish list, and the husband loves it too!  Much bigger than it appears in this photo.  Wondering if that price tag will leave a mark!

"Home Sweet Home" Birdhouse:

I did also buy this brass head, no idea where it's from but it's just kind of captivating, and had been on my mind since the last visit:

Adorable little jacket, every time I visit I try it on, wishing it would fit!

I already have a few ideas for Christmas gifts from Wertz's vast collection of vintage jewelry:

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