Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wood Beamed Ceilings

I love wood beamed ceilings.  We are lucky enough to live in a gorgeous 1927 Spanish style building with stunning wood beamed ceilings that are two stories high.

Living in such a gorgeous (and rent controlled!) building has totally spoilt us, and thought we'd very much like to buy a house, it's been hard to find anything that compares.

We'd love the next house we buy to either have wood beamed ceilings, or the potential to add this ourselves (perhaps via a product like that found at  I've been collecting images of wood beamed ceilings for a while, below are some of my favorites. Pitched or flat, rustic and bare, stained, painted, dark, light or in between, I love them all!

Last but definitely not least, a terrible scan of a stunning room from this month's House Beautiful magazine.  The architect Marshall Schneider was kind enough to talk to me about this project, and it turns out these ceilings were originally very low, and the beams were added during the renovation.  It gives me hope that if we can't find a house with wood beamed ceilings like this, maybe we can add them, providing we can afford it!

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