Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Wertz to love

Another trip to Wertz, another half dozen things for my wish list!

Amazing Elephant necklace!

Gorgeous turquoise and gold lion necklace:

Incredible polar bear carving, I might have to go back for this guy!

Brass jeweled lantern, would look great hung low in a dim, red-walled or exoticly wallpapered powder:

Assorted chandeliers:

Adorable yellow jar, I'm not sure why but I want this, bad!

Lovely pottery birdcage:

I love this guy, especially in his hat:

This brass frog container was very sweet, I'll admit I was tempted:


Terrible photo but fabulous "in person".  Described as a collection of red and white bobbers handmade in New England, this would have come home with me if it wasn't $800!

An aisle of one of my favorite stalls:

Framed vintage Chanel scarf, tucked away in a corner, love it!

Again, terrible photo but this shelf/ mirror with a drawer was kind of fabulous, and could be super handy for our entry way, tempting!

I kind of love this guy, he plays into my current brass object obsession:

Loving this display of petite obelisks:

Good to see my favorite stool is still there, waiting for me...

Fun elephant planter:

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