Friday, December 4, 2009

Material Environment

This week I was driving down Beverly Blvd in LA with my sister when I got a glimpse of a store window that was impossible to drive past without inspecting further. The store is Material Environment, and it's run by Ramon, who is just lovely. Below are some of the items from his store that I think are just divine. Enjoy!

I think this fire screen would look amazing in the 1920's Spanish style home we're hoping to buy in the near future!

These lamps are insane! Roman will wire them for whatever height you need, so you can have whatever shade you need. Very smart. Love them!

Love the curves of this stool with velvet pillow - I'm a sucker for anything covered in velvet:

This pair of cast lions I believe are from a mansion in Bel Air, WANT!

I love these giant candlesticks, stunning!

Roman had these chairs finished in piano white, such a brilliant idea!

Terrible photo I know but in the window is a giant gold suit of armour that I believe is plastic. Roman though it would be fabulous by a pool in a backyard, so you could just toss your towel on his arm pre-dip in the pool and I couldn't agree more! By the feet of the suit of amour are vintage liquor bottles, love them too!

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