Friday, December 4, 2009

The Blue Lion

I visited the a cute little antique store in San Luis Obispo the other day: SLO Antique Treasures on Monterey Street. Below are some of my finds.

Some of the native american pieces (no idea what these are called but I love them) being packed up for auction:

This guy was my favorite, priced at $600 but the stall owner eventually said I could have him for $399, tempting!!

I thought this screen was quite special, especially with a coat of vibrant paint (maybe emerald green, or turquoise, red, hot pink?!) but sadly it was not for sale. Mental note: have one like it made some day:

Love this elephant:

How amazing is this phone? I think it was around $70:

This blue lion, from Spain, we did purchase for around $25 and I think he looks great in our living room with our fall pumpkins!

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