Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big Daddy's Antiques

I recently took some time out to visit Big Daddy's Antiques. I'd been doing research on the best places to shop for antiques and such in LA and Big Daddy's name had come up a few times. On Citysearch it's described as follows: "Owner Shane Brown's wares--a broad range of antique and vintage furniture and garden decor--are displayed in his 18,000-square-foot downtown warehouse."

Well it's definitely huge, but it's not in downtown LA, like I first thought. It's actually located in an industrial part of LA near where the 110 and the 105 intersect (they also have a showroom in Costa Mesa). It's a little hard to find, it's on the corner of Broadway and 131st and the entrance is off West 131st. Follow signs for "BD" and "Parking" into a really pretty outdoor circular driveway complete with a small pony in a pen.

Shane was there when I arrived and introduced himself right away, and he and his staff were very friendly, checking in with me to see if there was anything they could help with. I wandered around taking photos and it really is a wonderfully eclectic selection and such a charming space. Here are a few of my favorite shots. I'll be sure to go back regularly, and next time I might try and drag my husband, I think he'll love it, which is rare!!

I LOVED this crocodile skull, as did my husband when I showed him this photo. I think it was $7,200, otherwise I might have been tempted to purchase it!

This birdcage full of doves is a lot bigger in person than it looks in this photo. There were other bird cages here and there in the warehouse as well as little sparrows flying around, it's such a lovely rustic space with big skylights, oversized plants everywhere and a lovely breeze. Such a nice indoor outdoor feel, I could have browsed there for hours - and kinda did!!

I was so impressed with the use of turquoise studs on these red chairs. Turquoise and red is probably my favorite color combination, so I'm determined to replicate this look at some point in the future!

Very friendly little guy:

Tons of cool outdoor stuff, made me wish we had a garden!

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