Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dreaming Of: Murals

While we're on the subject of wall decoration, long before wall decals were probably invented I wanted to have my very own mural.  Growing up we had an amazing mural of a pink tinged desert landscape in our kitchen/ dining room and it was a sad day when it was painted over.

I remember spying cherry blossoms painted on a bathroom wall back in the 90's (probably in Vogue Living a great Australian magazine that come to think of I really miss) and vowing to do something just like it one day.  It seems like cherry blossoms on a wall are dime a dozen these days, but that was the first I'd seen.

I've been collecting inspirational images for a while now, I even have the artist (a friend) picked out, all I need is the right wall!

Cherry Blossoms done right:

Bedroom by Miles Redd:

Last but not least, this stunning mural in a guest room at Maryam Montague's Peacock Pavilions in Morocco.  

Maryam is the author of the blog My Marrakesh, and the source of my recently purchased black Moroccan wedding blanket.   The mural is in her "Room of the Golden Gazelles" and was inspired by a screen designed by Armand Albert Rateau for Jean Lanvin's Paris apartment.

Maryam recently talked about the room on Decor8 saying "I saw [the screen] in an auction catalogue... and I sent it to Melanie Royals at Modello Designs as inspiration for the wall that she would be painting with a group of painters. She then redesigned it — adapting it to Peacock Pavilions, swapping out the tree for an olive tree, adding a dado at the bottom to act as the headboard backdrop, adding stars and flowers that she designed herself.”  

You can read more about the process at Design Amour.


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