Friday, March 19, 2010

The Cockatoo Lamp

Last April while visiting family in Sydney I found this amazing Cockatoo Lamp at My Island Home in Double Bay (which is sort of LA's equivalent to Beverly Hills, and is often referred to as "Double Bay double pay").

I sent a photo to my husband, who loved it and suggested I buy one and bring it back to LA. I ended up buying one as a birthday gift for my Mum and ever since I've wished that we bought one for ourselves!  

Cockatoo Lamp from My Island Home, AUD$450 (shade not included):

I've since learned that a store by the name of Mozi are also selling the lamps, apparently handmade by a local artist.  Theirs are AUD$330 and include a shade (either plain black or white).  Tempting!

Reminds me of a certain video that always makes me smile...

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  1. I was playing cards and thought I'd have a look at your blog, but didn't have the address. So I googled 'purchaseworthy' and up came your blog. Pretty good. Love the lamp and the video. And enjoy your blog. Where's the completed chest of drawers? xxx