Friday, March 5, 2010

Wertz Brothers: Part 1

I took a walk through Wertz Brothers Furniture the other day and found a few interesting things...

I was really drawn to this piece, though I'm not sure why.  I believe it was around $595, tempting if we had the space for it.  I could certainly fill it up with interesting things that currently have no home!

I really like the detail on this table, though I'm not sure what I would do with it, given the size... it seems impractical as a desk.

I thought this enormous bankers desk could be amazing for my husband's office one day.  So deep!!

I love all these older taxidermy items arranged above some late model televisions:

I was thinking that this chair could make for an interesting and affordable upholstery project, though it's hard to evaluate with another one stacked right on top of it!

This bar cart was interesting, I love the matte black finish and the oversized wheels.

More chairs, stacked up to the roof!

Interesting couch - I like the wood legs, it's similar in shape to the couch I'm having reupholstered right now, but a bit deeper I think.  It would look great it pale green, rose or blue velvet and at the time I found the price (which I can't remember now) quite reasonable.

More taxidermy, poor things:

This guy is amazing, and kind of tempting.  I like to think he had a good life, and just went to sleep one day, but that's probably not how it happened is it?!

This table seems like it would feel right in a Spanish style house (i.e. my current house obsession), though would not usually be my taste:

They also had lots of very chatty birds, who were very sweet, and this guy, who was taking a bit of a nap:

I spotted this rug that looked like it might be amazing, and somewhat affordable.  I really should have had them unroll for me, I'm going to have to go back for a second look.

It looks like it might be similar to the rug I spotted on our honeymoon in the bar of the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, and that I've been obsessed with ever since.  

The hotel is closed for the winter, but I have Emailed them asking for information about the rug.  I spotted this runner that was similar in color the other day at the Oriental Rug Gallery (1431 Colorado in Santa Monica).

The gentleman there who looked at the photo I took of the hotel rug told me it was a Turkish Heriz, and that he could possibly order me one, but I need to investigate further. Oh, and have the money and space for it!!

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