Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Ribbon stool series

My latest obsession is the ribbon stool series by Nendo for Cappellini at Unica Home.  

They're described as follows on the Nendo website:  "a stool whose construction loops together like the ribbons of ballet shoes. The three ribbons are laser-cut from a single layer of steel, and cross at a standard pitch for stability and structural integrity. The high stool has an extra loop, some of which can be used as footrests. The optional cushion affixes to the stool with magnets." How awesome is that?!

I'm especially fond of the chrome, red, yellow, and of course, turquoise, finishes.  I think that they could be an amazing pop of color in a mostly white kitchen (my favorite kind!).  

Unfortunately they're not exactly affordable:  $846 for the high stool, $538 for the low stool and $333 for the cushion.  Ouch!!