Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wertz Brothers: Part 2

Two days this week I was at Wertz Brothers Antique Mart in Santa Monica till they closed.  I don't think that's normal behavior for anyone, but it's a new discovery for me and it took two half-day trips to see it all.  It's now officially my new favorite place to shop!  The staff are super sweet and it's crammed full of interesting things.  I will be going back on a regular basis!!

A few photos of my finds, some of which I purchased, some of which I've resisted... for now!!

Details from my favorite stall (I have three, and I found out they're all the same dealer!):

This rabbit is occupying a lot of my thoughts.  He's actually a "1986 Arthur Court aluminum ice bucket"!!  He's $795 or I'd be filling him with ice cubes right now!  I love him styled with the top hat, adorable:

My other favorite stall, same dealer, I love how he's arranged everything!

I LOVE this little vignette, makes me want that "lady pot" for lack of a better description.  Very Adler, no?  $475:

Silver plated fish menu holder - I did end up buying this guy, couldn't resist him!

Interesting gold couple, a little steep but tempting!

Very Kelly Wearslter, no?

Amazing!  Unfortunately $690 or it would be hanging on our wall right now!

Okay I might have bought this guy, couldn't resist him!

These guys were tempting but the chicken won out:

Crazy eyes...

This is described as being a "vintage carnival amusement park circus lion face plaque" and was $425.  He'd look amazing in someone's (my?) house on a plain white wall:

Basket of wall sconces that could be amazing outdoors on or against an exposed brick wall:

Great vintage Paris poster, from memory around $90, I have to know someone that this would be perfect for?!

Adorable little marlin dish, not as pretty when not under the cabinet's lights or he'd be sitting our living room right now:

Stunning vintage coat/ dress, I love me some stripes!!  But would I actually wear it?  Maybe!

Great glass cube lamp next to kitty kat, $248:

This brass wreath was truly incredible in "person" with beautifully detailed animals, jack-o'-lanterns, Christmas trees, etc, $295: 

As someone who (attempts to) collect vintage kimonos, this geisha wig was calling me.  I didn't pick up... yet!

Great silver plate champagne bucket with milk glass liner, $159:

Succulents in tea cup, love it!

I loved these cloisonn√© jars, the colors close up were incredible!

I was planning on purchasing this box after thinking about it overnight (yeah birthday money!) but when I went back I couldn't find it anywhere!  Probably a good thing, since it was $165.  Sale or not, more than I should be spending on a box, even a gorgeous bronze box with a pair of gold lions on the top.

Sweet toast rack:

Peanut box, $48, my husband saw this photo and asked "could you put peanuts in it?".  Um... yes?

Awesome brass planter:

Equally awesome brass crab:

But nothing beats this chrome chain stool, $588.  Want!!

Love the brass cobra in the birdcage:

Oversize shell planter, which would look amazing with some kind of cascading plant, perhaps a collection of succulents including fish hook?  Love it!

A bowl full of brass oysters, each with little hinges, no idea what you'd put in them?  

The Australian in me was drawn to this painting...

Anyone need a painted baby?

I really liked this little guy, though he was actually kind of big!

This green pair would look great on the dresser I'm about to paint in inky-blue!

Digging this director's chair, apparently featured on their website:

Oversized green bottle, $42, nearly bought it!

I thought these swordfish bookends were sweet, though a little light for the job:

I thought this plinth was very cool... just not sure I have anything to put on it.  A plant perhaps?

In addition to the fish and the chicken I also ended up buying a gorgeous crystal bracelet, crystal drop earrings and, super long dyed turquoise faceted bead necklace:

Plus these gorgeous blue lucite grapes (all faceted and different blues) and a little cashmere sequin cardigan.  These photos don't do any of them justice!!

Why is everything I buy these days blue or silver??  

All in all a nice little haul courtesy of the birthday money my parents sent.  Thanks parents!!  I also got 10-20% off on all of these items, yay sale!!

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  1. Very nice purchases, and almost purchases. I want to visit this place when we come over! Glad the birthday money went on things you really wanted. xxx